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Anthony Minghella
The Storyteller



Anthony Minghella










We could have simply heaped much deserved praise upon director Anthony Minghella. And to be honest he might have preferred it that way. But We, who have been given the green light by Mr. Minghella to do a page about his work just can't make things easy for ourselves. So where does that leave us? It leaves us ready to launch the best darn Anthony Minghella: The Storyteller Page that has ever been created in the history of the world wide web.
What will you find here? You'll find lots of information about the work of Anthony Minghella who might be one of the few people who could write an autobiography titled 'From Muppets to Men' if it wasn't for the fact that we might just beat him to it. You will find interviews, real and imagined with some of the fine artists who have worked with Anthony Minghella. Some will express profound thoughts about their work with Mr. Minghella.
Now that we have given you a sneak preview, come on in and read more about Anthony Minghella, Oscar winning director screenwriter, who should have won an Oscar for his screenplay for The English Patient and just great all around artist. And hey,we're not being paid to say that
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