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The films and plays of Anthony Minghella

For those of you just getting acquainted with Mr. Minghella's works, he has quite a vita!


  • TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY, released.1991, BBC Films/ Samuel Goldwyn Co. 1992 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award, and Writer's Guild Award
  • MR. WONDERFUL, released 1993, Warner Brothers
  • THE ENGLISH PATIENT, released 1996, Miramax Films, 1997 Academy Awards : Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actress, Juilette Binoche, Art Direction, Sound, Cinematography, Dramatic Score,Costume, Film Editing 1997 British Academy of Film & Television Arts Awards: Best Film, Director. 1997 Golden Globe Awards: Best Film & Director, Director's Guild of America Award: Best Director.
  • COLD MOUNTAIN, release date T/B/A, United Artists
  • THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, release date T/B/A

Television and Radio Works

  • THE STORYTELLER, Jim Henson Productions: NBC/TVS/Channel 4TV/HBO TV, Emmy Award, BAFTA, the Gold Medal at the New York International Film and Television Festival
  • LIVING WITH DINOSAURS, 1989, Jim Henson Productions/NBC/TV/Channel 4 TV. International Emmy Award
  • THE MATHEMATICS OF A KISS, 1989, Short opera with Orlando Gough and John Lunn for Signals/Dancelines/Channel 4 TV
  • DAYS LIKE THESE, 1989, short monologue for Comic Relief
  • SECOND THOUGHTS, 1989, For Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones in Small Doses, Talkback/BBC TV

(television and radio continued)

  • MOSAIC, 1990 monologue spoken by Juilette Steveson within Dancehouse produced by Dancelines Productions/Arts Council of Great Britain for BBC TV


  • CHILDS PLAY, 1978, Humberside Theatre
  • WHALE MUSIC, 1981, Leicester Haymarket Granada TV film 1983, and BBC Radio 4, 1985. New York 1998
  • A LITTLE LIKE DROWNING,1982, CV - One Touring Company and BBC Radio 4, 1989
  • TWO PLANKS AND A PASSION, 1983, Northcott Theatre, and BBC Radio 3, 1986
  • LOVE BITES, 1984, Derby Theatre
  • MADE IN BANGKOK 1986, Aldwych Theatre, London 1996, London Critics: Best New Play Award
  • WHAT IF IT'S RAINING?, 1986, Limehouse/Channel 4 TV
  • HANG UP, 1987, London Contemporary Dance Theatre and BBC Radio 3, 1988 Prix Italia,
  • CIGARETTES AND CHOCOLATE, 1988, BBC, Radio 4, 1989, Giles Cooper Award, and Sony Award

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