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coldmt.3For those of you who have or have not yet read this novel, the links offered here is an opportunity to learn more about COLD MOUNTAIN author Charles Frazier . Also retrace civil war-weary soldier Inman's footsteps as he struggles to return to the country-side and woman he loves in excerpts from the Salon Cold Mountain Diary . Those of you familiar with Mr. Minghella's previous films works; how could Anthony Minghella NOT be the perfect choice to write and direct the big screen version of this wonderful novel!


Extraordinary writer John Clerkin gives us a look at the inner of tickings of The Talented Mr. Minghella .

Director's Guild Magazine: Getting personal with Anthony Minghella
Sound Bites. Listen to interview snippets of Anthony Minghella as he discussed making of The English Patient and casting.
The Muppets. Home page for the worlds most loveable puppets
Michael Ondaatje, author of The English Patient This site is dedicated to the Booker prizing-winning author
Saul Zaentz: Producer.Oscar-winner Zaentz talks about the making of The English Patient
Juliette Binchoe: An online interview
Patricia Highsmith: a page dedicated to the famed mystery writer and author of the Ripley books
United Kingdom Actors Appreciation Society (UKAAS), 'nough said!
British Theatre Home Page: Find a complete listing of british directors, writers, and of course actors.

Spielberg has Williams, but Minghella has Yared! It is no wonder that the incredible Minghella streak continues when he has Gabriel Yared to help set the tone? Meet the composer of the soundtracks for The English Patient, The City of Angels, and Map of The Human Heart. You'll be surprised at just how familiar you REALLY are with his work!

Just Cause!
We found out that this is one of Mr. Minghella's pet projects is Comic Relief (United Kingdom). Since 1998 Comic Relief has been tackling poverty and injustice across the UK and Africa. Find out about the incredible work it has done and is doing!
Amnesty International on-line Join the worldwide campaign to protect fundamental human rights and freedoms. Join Amnesty International!


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