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 "I count my blessings everyday that Anthony Minghella gave me the opportunity to appear in his Oscar winning film "The English Patient" for even though my part was cut, it was preferrable to being sold for ostrich steak." --Ozzie Ostrich, London,1998

25 (plus)interesting things about Anthony Minghella!


1. Anthony Minghella made his world debut in 6 January 1954. Born to Edward and Gloria on the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
2. Edward Minghella is the owner of Minghella Quality Ice Cream. Which, btw, is served on only the finest cruise ships. (So Anthony is not the only awarding winner in the family)
3.Played hookey from school (not that we're promoting hookey, but we just found this rather amusing!)
4.Had a friend who was a projectionist at the local cinema (Surprise)!
5.Two of his favorite films are The Magnificent Seven and The Ipcress File (of course, there's more.)
6 .Attempted acting in high school and at university ('nough said)
7. Attempted acting in high school and at university ('nough said)Never attended the theatre until college
8. Attended University of Hull, where he met his wife choreographer Carolyn Choa (who, btw, choreographed the dance scenes in The English Patient). He also lectured in drama at Hull to until 1981
9. 1981 Minghella took up the pen/typewriter/wordprocessor and begain writing plays for the BBC-TV
10. Penned all nine of The Storyteller stories
11. Was once quoted as saying: "There are people who have great skills at navigating the waters of Hollywood, but I'm not one of them, and I learned quickly that it was very unlikely that I was going to flourish in a mainstream market" (This, he quoted to the Washington Post after Mr. Wonderful, proved not so wonderful at the box office. Ah-ha)
12. It took Minghella three years to finish the script for The English Patient
13. Was once mistaken for Billy Bob Thornton (this, according to People Magazine. And there's a picture to prove it!)
14. 1992 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award, Truly, Madly, Deeply
15. Writer's Guild Award, Truly, Madly, Deeply
1997 Academy Award Best Picture,
Best Director, The English Patient (and so on, and...)
16. British Academy of Film & Television Arts Awards: Best Film, Director, The English Patient
17. 1997 Golden Globe Awards: Best Film The English Patient
18. Director's Guild of America Award: Best Director., The English Patient
19. Emmy Award, The Storyteller
20. BAFTA, The Storyteller
21. Gold Medal at the New York International Film and Television Festival, The Storyteller
22. International Emmy Award, Living With Dinosaurs
23. The London Critics: Best New Play Award1988
24. Prix Italia, Hang Up
25. Giles Cooper Award, Cigarettes and Chocolates




























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